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of mankind. There we have the ready means
for a considerable relief of this egotistical tension
in mutual boasting and reassurance. But the
motive for this digression here is to emphasise
the fact that the generalisation of our " War
Aims 35 into a Declaration of Rights, though it
will enormously simplify the issue of the war,
will eliminate neither open and heartfelt opposi-
tion nor endless possibilities of betrayal and
Nor does it alter the fact that even when the
struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards
a world social democracy, there may still be
very great delays and disappointments before it
becomes an efficient and beneficent world system.
Countless people, from maharajas to millionaires
and from pukkha sahibs to pretty ladies, will hate
the new world order, be rendered unhappy by
the frustration of their passions and ambitions
through its advent and will die protesting against
it. When we attempt to estimate its promise
we have to bear in mind the distress of a genera-
tion or so of malcontents, many of them quite
gallant and graceful-looking people.
And it will be no light matter to minimise the
loss of efficiency in the process of changing the
Vpirit and pride of administrative work from
jthat of an investing, high-salaried man with a